STIHL grass trimmers, brushcutters and clearing saws quickly tame long grass and undergrowth. The machines can be fitted with the appropriate cutting tool for mowing small areas of grass to thinning out overgrown thickets. The models with the STIHL 4-MIX engine produce significantly less exhaust gases than conventional two-stroke engines, giving you increased fuel efficiency and causing less damage to the environment.


Backpack Brushcutters

Clearing Saws

The professional clearing saws from STIHL are invaluable helpers when moving through grass or scrub, clearing forest stands and for moving or clearing vegetation in orchards or on difficult terrain.

Seven performance classes allow you to choose the most appropriate clearing saw for your particular requirements.

Electric Grass Trimmers and Brushcutters

Overgrown grass, path borders and hard to reach areas are easy to tackle with the NEW STIHL electric brushcutters and grass trimmers.

Their powerful motors make the removal of grass and undergrowth quick and easy.

The handle position is adjustable to individual body height and cutting conditions while the loop handle enables you to guide the appliance safely.

The adjustable gauge wheel also protects flowers, bushes and tree bark against the sharp cutting line. (See individual models for full specifications)

Light Weight Petrol Strimmers and Brushcutters

The handy lightweight STIHL grass trimmers and brushcutters add the finishing touches in garden care or landscape maintenance. They are the ideal complement to motor mowers and are used wherever the work of the mower needs finishing. Small areas of grass can also be mowed quickly with these machines.

Powerful Brushcutters

STIHL brushcutters cut through thick and thin when the motor mower is out of its depth, for instance on steep ground studded with bushes and trees.

Depending on the machine’s equipment and cutting tool, it can be used for everything from trimming lawn edges to thinning gnarled scrub.