Cordless Garden Machinery

Cordless powerhouses from STIHL designed to operate in noise-sensitive areas as well as around the house and garden.

The new 36 V cordless machines combine innovative motor and battery technology with first-class machine engineering to produce a brushless, electronically controlled electric motor (EC). The power from the lithium-ion battery packs is optimised to achieve a high degree of efficiency and enhance the performance of the machine.

These powerful lithium-ion battery packs are compatible with all STIHL/VIKING cordless machines. Each battery pack can be charged several hundred times without the capacity decreasing significantly. No memory effect and constant power while in operation. Allows operation for long periods, just like a petrol mower. Available in 2 performance classes: AP 80 with 80 Wh and AP 160 with 160 Wh. Rechargeable with STIHL charger AL 100 or AL 300.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR UK DELIVERY - Some models are exempt from delivery. Please contact us for further details