Tillers, rotovators, scarifiers, scythe cutters etc

Earth Augers

The potential for Stihl drills are considerable, from drilling planting holes to taking soil samples. The STIHL BT 121 one-man auger is equipped with a QuickStop drill brake for additional safety. The brake is triggered by the operators thigh as soon as the drill jams in the ground, bringing it to an immediate standstill. Hip padding is also included as standard. The innovative hand-held drill BT 45 can be used to drill wood as well as planting holes, depending on the equipment used.


Scarifiers remove matted grass and aerate the soil to give your lawn the ability to breath for a green luscious look.

You should give your lawn this treatment once or twice per year.

Tillers, Cultivators

These powerful tillers can simplify agricultural work, aid cultivation and assist in clearing land and ridging. With their tried and tested engineering and compact design, they have proved to be of great use to gardeners, cultivators and landscape gardeners for many years.