Transformation of ‘WILDERNESS TO WONDERLAND’, that was the commission and that is exactly what happened. My garden was overgrown and neglected for probably nearly 25 years but with a heritage of loving and knowledgeable planting in its former transformation in the 1980s by my mother.Long left to its own devices and further rampaged by building excavations it was a sea of entanglement.

GDC under the inspiration of Nigel Barnes brought about a rebirth of the garden, so cleverly bringing newness whilst incorporating long established and interesting plants into a design which is harmony between a refreshed layout and a heritage which had sentimental value for me. Nigel blended the newly built house into its revitalised garden in an ingenious way.

My criteria when looking for a landscaper were 1) Imagination and creativity, 2) sharing my input and ideas and 3) Botanical knowledge and 4) Project management. The score on all four are 10* plus.

1) Nigel’s creativity and imagination are superb, his ability to utilise existing plantings, plot size and position together with ambience are second to none. Also his structural vision is inspirational.

2) The patience and understanding shown to sharing my ideas enabled such a good client interaction. The way of listening and using my input whilst steering to the new gave me ownership of the project whilst embracing the professional expertise that I had sought. It has to be said the one time I was overruled, in the most constructive of ways, has been one of the garden highlights ….I am more than happy to admit I was wrong!

3) GDC have a wealth of botanical knowledge, with so obvious an interest in plants and their landscaping. It was always so interesting to engage in conversation, sharing my knowledge but with so much to learn. 4) GDC completed the landscaping more or less while I was away. The work was carried out professionally, neatly and overseen with excellent management. Also, it was so noticeable that all who came to carry out the work for GDC were happy and enjoying their work with an interest in the project. (Not always the case in other firms) It was a pleasure to have GDC work for me and I had absolutely no worries about being unable to be on site.

The garden is now my absolute joy, giving me pleasure every day, no matter what the season, or indeed, what the weather. I still cannot quite believe the transformation, it is so perfect and fulfils my dream completely. All my friends and neighbours who have seen the reborn garden are incredulous, the usual first comment is usually “WOW… that’s amazing, unbelievable”, many have also commented on how the landscaping around the established shrubs and trees looks incredibly as though they are integral to the new design.

All in all I cannot speak highly enough of GDC and unreservedly recommend them, in every aspect of their work. ‘Paradise lost’ is certainly ‘Paradise re-found’ in my garden.

All that remains is to extend my heartfelt and appreciative thanks to all at GDC

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